Our teachers

Will gladly share their passion

Hip hop // Afro Street "Alessia"

Teacher and choreographer since
The age of 16.
Director of VirtuoseLab
Passionate about travel, she formed
In many countries
Graduated from ULB in general medicine,
she aspires to combine the art of healing and dance
to help the human being as a whole.
In July 2018, she launched a new challenge:
to open her own dance school, which she calls Virtuose Lab


Member "Casseurs Poppeurs Secteur 7"
Finalist JD 2008 France (Lille)
Finalist JD 2010 Angleterre
Actor in the movie streetdance 3D 2
Winner of many Battles & Choreographic Competitions

Fusion "Melissa"

Formation en dancehall, hip hop contemporain,
Fusion and salsa.
3rd at Hip Hop International 2018 adult category with NDG
Showcase in Siberia, Tangier and Seville
With "Jafé Salsa Team" in 2017
Professor since 2015

Hype "Nora"

Professor and choreographer in various structures,
Winner of choreographic competitions
With his crew "Triaade",
Founder of the "Advance" crew

Contempo-Jazz parent-child "Marie"

Adult Contempo-Jazz Teacher
Parent-child course teacher
Former student of incomparable technique and grace

Camille "Ghetto"

His passion for dance began in Modern Jazz, Classical and Contemporary.
Attracted by urban cultures and especially Hip-Hop and Krump.
She has been trained by Secteur 7 Maubeuge school and by several international internships.
She has joined various dance companies and conducted numerous choreographic competitions.
Thus with the company Do Not 4Get, she was able to participate in the World of Dance in 2015 in Los Angeles
And the opening of the Lille Battle Pro in February 2018 with Check'Art.

Nico "Ghetto"

Advance Sector 7 Member
Choreographic winner Lallaing
Formation Hip Hop, Poppin, Breakdance

Clara "New Jack Style"

Trained at the professional classical dance centre
and modern'jazz Barbara Maigret de Priches,
classical, modern'jazz, contemporary and newstyle, hip hop!
Renowned teacher at Jennifer Goubé's Dance Centre (Paris Opera)

Delphine "Spécial hip hop Adultes beginner

A professional Psychologist and hip hop dancer,
Delphine wins various competitions in the hip hop category in France.
She offers hip hop classes based on personal development.
It will teach you to understand your body.

Fanny "Afrobeat Juniors"

Member of the label A collective,
Participates in various choreographic competitions,
Formation en hip hop // Afrobeat// ragga// classique // Jazz .
Studies as a specialized educator

Tiffany "Baby street and hip hop juniors"

Member of the label A collective,
Participates in various choreographic competitions,
Formation en hip hop // Ragga
Maternal teacher studies

Mathilde "Ragga, hip-hop, street jazz"

My name is Mathilde, I'm 20 years old.
I've been a dance teacher since I was 14 years old
I currently work with children from 4 years old,
teenagers and adults.
I also have a very good experience of the scene
as Master Gims at Forest national or Soprano.

Tim "Krump"

I trained alone at the Charleroi youth centre to start with and in my room afterwards
I went straight into the battles where I gained a lot of experience.
It's a unique and real dance the Krump doesn't lie.

Clemence "classical, jazz and contemporary dance."

As a teacher for 10 years, dance is more than just a passion for me,
but an outlet a way to communicate and especially to transmit.
A graduate of ULB, I have also travelled extensively and participate in many courses abroad.

Justine "Hip hop / Danse africaine"

Trained by Secteur 7 Maubeuge for the Hiphop side, and by Aldiouma Baya, a dancer recognized in African dance.
All these influences make me a complete dancer, reinforced by the experience of the competitions held and won many times with the different crews
( Seven feet under , Check'art , champions de France Dance Trophy 2016 ).